Our Team

Bertus Stiehler - Pro Dancer, Choreographer, and Studio Owner from South Africa

“I noticed in my teens that the guys getting all the girls in the clubs were the ones who could dance the best. So I took a dance lesson and thought “hey – if you can move, you can dance!” My neighborhood dance studio was sending students to competitions in Johannesburg, so I started spending all my time in the dance studio, trying to win. In a few years, I moved from the bottom to the top of the rankings in a bunch of different dance styles from Contemporary to Disco to Ballroom. Once I had won a number of international championships, I turned pro to make my living doing what I love. By now, I’ve taught many styles of dance in many far-flung countries. I’ve taught kids to straighten their legs, teens to watch their manners, and adults to realize it’s never too late. and led workshops in many countries. Dancing brought me to the U.S. and now my purpose is spreading the joy and art of dance to all corners of the earth, and inspiring people to achieve what they think is impossible.”

Larissa Pommeraud - Competitive Dancer and Tech Executive from California

“My mom put me in ballet class as soon as I could walk. When I got too tall for the kids parts in the Houston Ballet Company, I switched to jazz (man, was it hard to stop turning my legs out all the time!) and then contemporary. When I graduated from Harvard, after directing their dance company, I assumed I had to retire my hobby in order to have a business career and a family. But I was so wrong! After too many years of thinking it was impossible, I managed to squeeze dance back into my life and it’s been totally transformational. Ballroom dance competitions and jazz performance opportunities really motivated me to get back into shape, rebuild my training discipline, and regain the joy of mastering new choreography and technique. Now I’m merging my passion for dance with my business career, to motivate more people to add or keep dance in their lives, and to keep striving for ever more skill and creativity and connection.”