Motivation for Online Dance Classes

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While most dance teachers are still barred from their studios and live classes, they are finding E-DanceSport a valuable tool to keep students motivated to take online classes and keep working on their skills.

For just $2.50 (USD), dancers can enter videos demonstrating their balance, turns, extensions, jumps, and other dance fundamentals to get objective scoring and global ranking, along with quick personalized feedback from E-DanceSport judges, which in turn, should keep them striving to improve their scores and seek additional coaching.

And for just $5.00 (USD), dancers enter videos showcasing a 1-4 minute performance of their favorite dance styles, again for qualified judge scoring and feedback, as well as global ranking.  Some dancers will learn to choreograph for themselves, but most are likely to reach out to teachers to choreograph for them, and coach them on achieving the best technique, musicality, and feeling for each routine they submit.  Continuous competition opportunities are proven to accelerate skill development and stimulate additional coaching opportunities.

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