For Event Promoters

The Goal

Dance Event Promoters use E-DanceSport to manage all aspects of their virtual events in the most efficient and safe way possible.  By increasing the ease and income for live competition organizers, more and more are beginning to use E-DanceSport as a feeder or qualifier to live events, to expand overall participation.

E-DanceSport’s state-of-the-art technology streamlines event creation, video entries, judging, and results communication (via dynamic leaderboards).  The web-based platform is custom designed for young dancers’ development, highly attentive to child protection and video/data security and privacy.  And the experienced E-DanceSport team supports the Promoter in marketing, technical support and overall excellent customer service, for example with integrated live chat via Facebook Messenger.

Please contact us at to discuss the unique details of your event needs!

How it Works

  1. Event Promoters contact E-DanceSport to discuss the unique details of their upcoming event(s) and demo the relevant range of E-DanceSport capabilities to support them
  2. Event Promoters provide their desired event details, for example: title/branding, pricing, event categories , entry specifications, key dates, judges and their fees, prizes, etc.
  3. E-DanceSport sets up the event accordingly on our platform, including providing timeline and overall project management services.  E-DanceSport, with the help of the Promoter, train the Judges on the user-friendly judging interface and judging expectations.
  4. As the event launch date approaches, both Event Promoter and E-DanceSport collectively market the event through all communication channels, generating expansive interest
  5. Once the event is live, E-DanceSport handles all customer service and technical support to ensure a maximum number of participants are delighted by the event experience.  This includes ensuring judges’ scores and feedback are received and scrutineered on time.
  6. At the end of the event, E-DanceSport publishes the final rankings, certificates, and exciting finalist highlight videos.  Then E-DanceSport pays the Judges and Promoters within 48 hours.
  7. Review more details and sample screenshots here: E-DanceSport Promoter Overview

Frequently Asked Questions