Competiton Entry

ASCENSION - Commercial Set Routine "Burn It Up" 12yrs+

Presented by Sadie Flower, and powered by e-DanceSport

Awaken your groove and level up the leaderboard to become the first 2021 global E-DanceSport ‘Ascension’ Street Dance Champion!
*** Top International judges will provide scores and helpful commentary within 48 hours of submission, evaluating technique, agility, musicality, projection/expression, and overall execution.

Street dance solos will be judged by age group, but ability/experience level is also requested. Sadie will provide a guide to dance teachers to help with level-setting.
Polite Notice: It is advised appropriate clothing is worn when competing within Street dance. Loose, comfortable and in keeping with the lifestyle of street wear is favoured.  Age appropriate movements are compulsory.  Please ensure you have the correct space if executing a trick or skill. The organisers of this event do not take any responsibility should an injury occur.

Video Specifications: 1 minute maximum video length, to any music.  Please try to video in landscape/wide-screen orientation with a file size less than 100MB, and upload the file directly into our form below (not through any file sharing service).

Click here to learn the “Burn It Up” Commercial Set Routine which is aimed at an Intermediate level of dancer. If you are a beginner level do have a go as it will be a good challenge for any dancer… This routine is catered for dancers aged 16+ but any dancer 12 years or older is welcome to compete.

Click here for the “Burn It Up” music to use when filming. Once dancers have learnt the piece of choreography above, they should practice and film to the edited music which includes the following sections:
* A Short Intro – Dancers are to freestyle / Feel the music at the start of their submission. (approx 4 bars / 2 counts of 8)
* The Chorus – Dancers perform the set routine to the chorus like the demonstration video showcases. Each set routine is 8 bars (4 counts of 8)
* Verse / Rap / Instrumental – Dancers freestyle / Do their own style or feel to the music on this next section. Showcase their added skills etc  (approximately 8 bars)
* The Chorus – Dancers repeat performing the set routine to finish and pose. 

To Enter:
1) Sign up as a Dancer or Studio/Teacher (to enter on behalf of your students) – dancers must have birthdates after February 2009 to enter this 12yrs+ event
(for any questions, email or use Facebook Messenger)
2) Purchase 157 E-DanceSport Coins in your Account (6 GBP / 8 USD / 118 ZAR)
3) Add at least one Street Dance competition category with your appropriate experience level for judging
(your level will upgrade automatically based on ranking highly in our series of competitions going forward)
4) Upload your video file or paste a link to your video in the Entry Form below
(if you don’t know your music details, just list “unknown”)
5) Tick the last box if you are willing to have clips from your video shared in social media highlights
(otherwise your video will stay completely private and secure)
6) Submit before the February 28 deadline!
(you’ll get an email when your scores/feedback are posted in your Account within ~48hrs, rankings finalized by March 2 on our Results page)
7) If you think you can better your score, feel free to submit another entry before the final deadline 😉

Qualified judges will provide scores and helpful commentary evaluating your technique, agility, musicality, projection/expression, and overall execution.

Cost: 157 E-DanceSport Coins (6 GBP / 8 USD / 118 ZAR)
Prizes: E-Certificates and Level-Up Points for all and 2 free E-DanceSport competitions for the winner!