Challenge Entry

February Leaps Challenge

February Leaps Challenge

Build your dance basics by submitting an original video showing your maximum jump or leap height and power.  Track your progress by trying to improve your entries each month.

This should be a solo entry, though great to challenge your friends to join you with their own entries!

Feel free to use your setting or music to enhance the fun, difficulty, and creativity of the entry – though all are optional, as demonstrating the skill is the key to this event.

Judging will mainly be based on the vertical height you can achieve when jumping from a solid, flat surface, but extra points will be awarded based on the technique (for example, your power and posture in the air) and level of difficulty of the action.

Cost: 50 E-DanceSport Coins (worth 2.5 USD / 2 GBP / 40 ZAR / 183 INR)
Top Prize: E-DanceSport Coins, EDS Certificates for all participants