Virtual vs. Live Dance Competitions

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The E-DanceSport platform offers the first of it’s kind, “always on” virtual dance competitions and challenges. We maintain standards as close as possible to the best live competitions around the world. And we can provide additional benefits only available online.

What’s the same as live competitions?

Each competition entry is Scored and Ranked by qualified Judges.
Head-to-head competition with dancers in the same age and experience categories, provides dancers a goal and adrenaline boost to improve their performance with every event.
Each entry should be a “live” video submission.
Competitors are not permitted to edit or re-record until they’re satisfied. Once practice is finished, judges should see the real-time performance product.

What’s different with online competitions?

Virtual competitions are much more affordable and accurate!
There are no travel costs to join “world championships” which enables more, diverse dancers to compete in each dance style, experience level, and age group. By removing budget barriers, dancers benefit from a much more objective, global calibration of their talent and technique. And they can challenge themselves with competitions much more frequently.
Judges provide personal feedback and tips as they are judging each video submission.
Since they judge entries one-by-one instead of simultaneously, they have time to offer their expert insights to each competitor on each event. This timely, high quality, encouraging feedback from a variety of different judges will help dancers improve much faster!
Live audience not included.
Dancers can choose to invite family and friends to watch them perform their video submission, but it is not obligatory. Assembling a live audience helps dancers develop performance skills like eye contact. But being able to perform privately for the camera may be more comfortable for dancers who suffer from stage fright or anxiety. And learning to bring the same level of energy, emotion and charisma to the camera, without a live audience, is becoming increasingly valuable.
Coronavirus can’t stop us!
Many dancers – amateur and professional – have been devastated by the coronavirus lockdown which has ruined at least one live competition season for dancers who have worked very hard and passionately to prepare for it. Many are sharing their stories on social media. Here’s just one example.

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